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Hell Yes!!! (AP Scores Are Here!)

As you all may know, back in May I took two AP tests (AP Psychology and AP Biology) and an SAT II Subject Test (Biology E(cology) ).

Well, in my haze from getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday, I COMPLETELY forgot that scores were being released.

So I checked.

5 out of 5 on both: This would be why I didn’t post for 2 months in April/May, this is what I was studying for!
790 out of 800: I obviously made the right choice going for E instead of M


Hell Yes!!!

I am so proud of myself! Especially since I walked out of both biology tests confused and 99.9% sure I had failed because I second-guessed all my answers (and my handwriting is the worst ever, which is a bit of a disadvantage on the AP essay portion).

But apparently, I had no reason to be worried.

Honestly, this is a big weight off my shoulders. I’m so happy!

(Sorry if this sounds like bragging, I was just proud of myself… and sorry for terrible picture quality, it is literally a picture of my computer screen taken with my Iphone and zoomed in)

So, did anyone else take AP tests? What did you get? Let me know!

(And honestly, two AP tests almost killed me so this year, with four of them, I may very well die from stress. Like a sponge. A sponge should be my spirit animal not a moose.)

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