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Maybe This Time It’ll Work: New Blogging Schedule, Memes, and Features

A little while ago I wrote: Trying To Be Better…

Where I talked about finding time to blog more regularly, how I never seem to be able to stick to a schedule and how I want to start up some of my old features/the memes I was a part of again.

I’ve had some ideas for a while of features I want to start implementing/writing on this blog, some weekly, some writing, and I figured I’d make an announcement/list type post to talk about each, and see which ones people are more interested in.

It’ll probably take me a while to get things started, as I have to figure out idea lists, when things’ll be posted, and to get some written/backlogged/scheduled etc.

Posts won’t likely be regular until the summer when I can schedule a bunch of posts, and even then, with my track record its…questionable.

But maybe this public commitment will encourage me to get my life together!


Weekly Memes:

Memes are weekly/monthly etc. type posts that follow a theme, done by many bloggers on a specified day, and then linked up to the creator’s post. These are immensely common in book blogging.
Book Blogging Meme Masterlist

(Titles have links to creator site if you want to know more or join!)

Soundtrack Saturday – Basically, make a mini soundtrack for a book.

Top Ten Tuesday – Respond to a Top 10 prompt.

Top Five Wednesday – Respond to a Top 5 prompt.

Waiting On Wednesday – Spotlight a release you’re waiting for!




Features are regular category of posts, like memes, unique or specific to a certain blog. Rather than everyone doing it and linking up, the creator is the only one who does it and thus it is a “feature” of that blog. Sometimes features BECOME memes. Features are not always identified as features, bloggers just write the posts. Bloggers sometimes have similar features, but this is not generally intentional. 


My Poetry – Fairly obvious. I like writing and posting my poetry. This just makes it seem legit. (1st Monday March, June, September, December)

Original Book Tags – I love doing book tags, they are a staple of book blogging. I have so many original tag ideas in my drafts, I want to put them out there! Might be more frequent then quarterly, might not, depends on idea flow and how many other tags I have backlogged (currently – A LOT). (1st Monday January, April, July, October)


Discussions (Bookish/Bloggish) – I love writing discussions, and there are a lot of bookish discussions that go around that I haven’t chimed in on because I haven’t had time to do the posts justice. I want to start doing more of these, meta discussions on books, YA, and book blogging. Feel free to give me some topics! (Last Friday of the month)

Nonfiction Book Spotlight – Pretty self-explanatory… I like nonfiction, and I want to talk about it more. Ones I’ve read, ones I want to read, etc. (1st Friday of the month)

Throwback Thursday – This is an old feature I want to bring back. I actually scheduled maybe 12 of these already. We’ll see how long I can keep it up, as eventually I’m going to run out of old writing samples, even using essays from this year and next year. Maybe I’ll expand it to include more things…like photography I’ve done over the years, old drawings or things if I can find it. I’m a pack rat okay… (2nd Thursday of the month)

Scars and Stories – Where I write personal stories, discussions of my childhood (usually me being stupid and injuring myself) and talking about my life now. Funny stories of my life, etc. (3rd Sunday of the month)

Premed Preparation – Where I’ll write about current events in science/medicine, rant about things, and talk about why I want to study medicine and things pertaining to that.
(2nd Monday of the month)

College Corner – Chronicling my journey finishing high school, applying to college and scholarships and if all goes well, college as well. I think it’ll be a cathartic way to vent and relieve stress, and maybe help others. Also: study tips. (3rd Thursday of the month)

TBR Shame – Once a month I’ll pull a book (or a few) from my shelf that has been there for 2+ years and talk about why it hasn’t been read yet, if I still plan on reading it, why I picked it up, etc. (1st Sunday of the month)

Diverse Books Spotlight – Basically, once a week I want to talk about a diverse book I’be read or want to read. Fairly self-explanatory. (2nd Sunday)


Quote of the Week – Pretty self-explanatory… (Mondays)

Published Poetry Spotlight – Pretty self-explanatory…Again. (Thursdays)

TV Show Spotlight – Once a week, I’ll talk about one of my favorite shows (focusing mostly on completed shows) to give a little love to older shows, and to see who else shares my love. (Fridays)

If I can accomplish this, it means DAILY BLOGGING as all these plus reviews/tags would mean 1-3 posts a day. Even with scheduling, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage, but its a nice goal to strive towards, and it’ll give me ideas/motivation for when I have time, but don’t know what to write because I’m just not in the mood for a review or tag.

Let me know what you think of the schedule, if there are any you are particularly excited for, if there is a prompt to topic you’d like me to address in any specific feature, or if you want to join one! Just let me know!

7 thoughts on “Maybe This Time It’ll Work: New Blogging Schedule, Memes, and Features”

  1. I only blog 5 days a week, with one post a day! The only day that I might have double posts is at the end of the month/last week of the year. I hope you can stick to the schedule!


    1. Its going to take some time to schedule/backlog posts to make it possible but I’m going to try. I’ll probably fail but I’ll try. Thanks for the confidence in me! You schedule sounds much more reasonable.


      1. Thank you! I took me a while to figure it out. What really helped was the fact that I stopped doing tags and awards, and I really cut down on weekly memes. I bought myself a planner to help plan my posts and on what days I was going to post them.

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