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Blog Tour: Ghoster Heights – Guest Post

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the GHOSTER HEIGHTS by Corey Landsell, Kelly Mellings, & Lisa Larose Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway! 

About The Book:


Author: Corey Landsell, Kelly Mellings, Lisa Larose, Becca Carey, Rebecca Taylor (Editor)

Pub. Date: September 27, 2022

Publisher: Wonderbound

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 208

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonKindleB&

A haunting and hopeful Middle Grade graphic novel about a girl, ghosts, and grief.  For fans of SheetsSmall Spaces, and Ghosts.


Eight-year-old Ona has lost just about everything: her home, her possessions, her mother, and almost her life. When she and her father move into her Baba’s apartment complex after these traumatic events, they had hoped for a clean start. But a mysterious specter follows her, and Ona befriends the ghost she discovers haunting the boiler room. When her new friendship starts allowing her to see other ghosts—the ghosts who haunt the other residents of her building—she decides to use her ability to help her new neighbors face their troubles and free themselves from their specters. In doing so, however, Ona must eventually come face to face with a much darker foe—her own trauma and grief. The earnestness of Judy Bloom meets the raw emotion of I Kill Giants in this beautifully hopeful story of childhood tragedy.

An original graphic novel for Middle Grade readers about grief, loss, and the ghosts that haunt us all.

For fans of Brenna Thummler’s Sheets and Delicates.

Guest Post:

Describe your ideal writing/creative space.

Corey-I love writing in cafés. I tend to need a small amount of external noise or distractions while I write. I do love to listen to classical or movie soundtracks while writing. The right music can help set the mood for a specific scene or event I’m writing. Aside from this, the collaborative environment that Kelly and I write in is exceptionally rewarding. Nothing fancy, him on his laptop and me on mine, at the office, at one of our houses or at a coffee shop. The joy in collaborating with him is hard to express in words. In collaboration I find a freedom that sometimes is missing in solo writing. With all our stories we want to tap into real feelings and real character growth. This can become personally emotional as we navigate the nuances of context and character. In this space of collaboration, I find safety and the challenge of integrating two people’s capacities and perspectives. Kelly is my sounding board, my emotional anchor, my cheerleader, a guide at times and a follower at times. The power of working together is most evident when we overcome writing hurdles. We kind of adopt a bit of an improv mentality while writing, refusing to roadblock ideas but instead look at what each other suggests with a mindset of curiosity. Out of that mindset, hurdles are traversed much more quickly than during my individual writing. 

Describe your ideal home library.

Corey-Lots of fantasy books, lots of art books and lots of comics. A smaller shelf of books on display and more books on other shelves out of site. I feel a bit overwhelmed when there is too much to look at all the time. Some art. Would love to own some Greg Manchess, Dan Dos Santos, Donato Giancolo and Jon Foster originals one day. 

Kelly-I pretty much have it book wise, I have a silly book collection that I’ve built up over the years. I wanted to have the biggest art book library I could, so I wouldn’t have to go to the library for those. When I first started learning about art many books were hard to get and I was outside of a  big city. All I need now is for my ideal library to have its own room, an Eames Lounge chair to read in, custom bookshelves and a sliding ladder.

Book Dream cast.

Corey -I won’t delve too deeply here. You can see some of my personal fancast choices on my Instagram @thirdageart or @coreylansdell


Dad –   David Harbor

Ona –   Maybe Hala Finley . Most kid actors would be too old by the time we’d get a movie made. a younger Fina Strazza or younger Celeste Arias from PaperGirls.

Baba –  Kathy Bates or Frances McDormand, Sally Field

If you have any other ideas feel free!

Kelly – We Created the cats from Sketches drawn by each of Corey’s and my kids…it would be fun to spotlight that!

About Corey Landsell:

Corey Lansdell is a multiple award-winning illustrator and animator. He is a skilled communicator, expert storyteller and passionate collaborator. Corey heads up a SCBWI illustrators group in Edmonton, Alberta.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon

About Kelly Mellings:

Kelly Mellings is an award-winning art director, illustrator, and designer. His work has
appeared in comic books, TV commercials, magazines, apps, museum exhibits, and video
games. He is the co-writer of Ghoster Heights and illustrator of the Canadian best-selling
graphic novel, The Outside Circle. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

About Lisa Larose:

Lisa LaRose is a pop surrealist painter, illustrator, and comics artist in Vancouver, Canada. She is best known for her paintings: Bizarre and Colourful artworks. She creates lively and exciting colour palettes and is always making something a little weird. Lisa loves middle-grade fiction (books, comics, cartoons, you name it) and so she also moonlights as a middle-grade comics artist.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Goodreads

Giveaway Details: 

2 winners will receive a finished copy of GHOSTER HEIGHTS, US Only.

Ends October 11th, midnight EST.

Rafflecopter Link:

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