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Inside Out Book Tag

I love this movie, so I’m really excited to do this! I was tagged by the wonderful Icebreaker694. Thank you, I love being tagged!!!

Book Tag based on the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. Find a book that makes you feel the emotions featured in the film.


Joy: A Book That Brings You Joy…

HAmilton: THe Revolution.

Sadness: A Book That Made You Sad…

Every John Green Book + Eleanor and Park. Sobbing and tears. Sobbing and tears.

Fear: A Book That Truly Scared You…

I’ve never really been scared reading a book, usually I don’t even get scared with horror movies. These are pretty much the only one that have given me nightmares in my life (all under the age of about ten, I don’t really get scared of fictional stuff).

  • Plague Town (I was nine, and has creepy children)
  • One Missed Call (Again, anxiety inducing)
  • Silent Hill ( I was 5, it was terrifying)
  • 88 Minutes (It just gave me anxiety)
  • The Hole (I’m already scared of roller coasters, this didn’t help)
  • The Orphanage (Creepy ghost children, in spanish)
  • Happy Tree Friends (A cartoon about animals that mutilate each other)

Disgust: A Book That Disgusted You…

I don’t like it when books have sex scenes. I had to skip those pages of Looking For Alaska.

Anger: A Book That Makes You Angry…

The Elite. I want to punch America in the face.


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4 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag”

    1. Not going to lie, I scheduled this post a while back and for a minute I was confused and my first thought was “what happened in the election NOW”
      Then I remember what I wrote…

      But thanks!


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