Discussion: How To – Start A Book Blog

Advice from a Not-So-Seasoned Not-Quite-Professional

A long while ago, I wrote a discussion with my advice on ARC requests.

Surprisingly, to me at least, a lot of people liked it and found it useful. And I realized something, I feel like a floundering child when it comes to this blog, but with a year and 460-ish followers, I have a marginal about of experience and advice I can share with some form of authority.

So, since my best friend has finally caved to my wishes and is soon starting her own book blog (and yes, I will hype and promote the hell out of her, be prepared), I thought an advice post would be a good way to help her, and anyone else reading this blog who wants help starting a blog, or just to see my insights into blogging, to see a different point of view.

Practical Blogging Advice:

  • Be realistic with yourself. Don’t say you can post 5 times a week if you do not realistically have that time. Start with one well written post a week. Its more important to be well written and consistent than to have a lot of posts.
  • Follow and interact with other blogs. Be a part of the community.
  • Followers do not happen overnight. Do it because you like it.

Book Blogging Essentials:

  • A separate email account you feel comfortable sharing.
  • A blog directory
  • A Netgalley account
  • A Goodreads account

Memes, Features, and Common Types of Book Blog Posts:

  • Top Ten Tuesday / Top Five Wednesday
  • TBR (To Be Read)
  • Book Hauls / Unhauls
  • Book Reviews
  • Book Adaptation Reviews
  • Book Coming Out This Month/Year
  • Favorites
  • Week / Month in Review – Weekly/Monthly Reading or Blogging Wrap-ups

Connecting With Fellow Bloggers:

A big part of blogging is connecting with fellow book bloggers.

Comment on other people’s posts, and don’t be afraid to start a conversation. People will want to talk to you!

Social Media For Book Bloggers:

You can’t blog in a void.

Well, you can, but then, no one will read what you’re writing. If you want to make friends and gain readers you have to network.

Comment, like, and follow other blogs. Join twitter and follow bookish-peeps there. Get a Goodreads and join some blogger/reader groups.

Trust me, it works.

And this is coming from someone notoriously bad with both technology and people.

Other (more) helpful advice & tips:

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Bloggers I Look Up To/To Follow

This is of course, not a comprehensive list of all the bloggers I like/follow/love, its just a list for the newbies to get a feel of some amazing book blogs and shoutout some people I admire.

This is in no particular order.

That Bookshelf Bitch

Thoughts & Afterthoughts


Heir of Glitter

My Tiny Obsessions

Calliope The Book Goddess

52 Letters in the Alphabet

Freedom Library

Bookshelves And Biros

Genie Reads


The Orangutan Librarian

Rant & Rave About Books

Read At Midnight

Bookish Things & Tea

So, what do you guys think?

Any bloggers you want to shoutout? Any advice you want to give to newbies or fellow book bloggers? Did you find anything I said helpful? Do you want me to do more of these types of discussions? Are their any topics in particular you want to see?

Let me me know down in the comments!



500 Follower – Q&A Time!



A few days ago, I posted my frantic excitement over getting 500 FOLLOWERS!!


And I send I wanted to do a Q&A, luckily, some very lovely people asked me some very lovely questions, so lets get to this!!


Orangutan Librarian – who recently hit 900 followers go them! – Asked all their followers:

What are you most excited for right now?

The cruise I’m going on over the winter break. My cousin and I are zip-lining!

Waffles or donuts?

Waffles if they’re made right. Delicious and you don’t feel as sick after eating four of them.

If I was to say “home” what’s the first book that comes to mind?

I want to be cute and say Harry Potter. But really, I’d think “The True Meaning of Someday” since the movie “Home” (which is sister is obsessed with) is based on it.

What type of undead creature would you be and why? (aka vampire/ghost/whight/phantom/reincarnated squirrel…)

Phantom. Mostly because it seems like it would be the most fun.

What famous person would you most like to play poker with? Would you win?

I royally suck at poker. I would subject no one to that. I would play with Alex Kingston and Jared Padaleki though, because my blog is named after their characters and I want to meet them. I would lose so bad though.

What is/would be the best version of monopoly?

I have never finished a game of monopoly. I hate it in all its forms.

What’s your favourite thing about winter?

We don’t have “winter” per say where I live. It has yet to drop below 70. It is literally colder inside (54 degrees in my epidemiology class and I’m dying).

So I’ll say holidays? Thats the only winter thing I’ve experienced.


They also asked me some wonderful questions!

If you could time travel to any time, where would you go?

Future. Like, Star Trek times.

And what was your least favourite book of 2016?

Anthem by Ayn Rand. I read it for school and wow did I HATE it!

Also the last good book you read, cos why not?

Um… Not really a book its a novella but Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. Just finished it, and right after watching Rogue One as well! Now I really want to re-watch the original trilogy…


One Bookish Girl asked:

If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive, who would you pick?

That is so unfairly difficult!

Um…off the top of my head:

-J K Rowling

-Stan Lee

-Gene Roddenberry

Top 5 books you read in 2016.

Again, difficult!

-The Raven King

-A Study in Charlotte

-The Princess Bride

-Clockwork Princess

-Because You’ll Never Meet Me

A book you think everyone should read?

Because You’ll Never Meet Me!

Avani The Nerd asked:

Favourite food?

Butter Chicken with Curry Rice

(and grape leave rolls)

Shaun Kellett asked:

What’s your favourite NON-BOOK related thing to do with your free time?

Watching Netflix. I’m pretty boring.

Megan asked:

What is your favorite thing about the blogging community? And what do you think could be improved?

My favorite thing is that everyone is always nice, always understanding. Never rude about typos, or different opinions, or late postings.

I do think we tend to fall into patterns. Everyone reading the same books, reviewing the same books, doing the same tags. Not a lot of discussions. It would be cool if people talked more, discussed more.

Kayla asked:

Is there a book you hate, but everyone loves, and vice versa?

The Delirium series for one. I just can’t with it, but everyone seems to love it!

All I can think of for the second is Twilight, today everyone seems to hate it but I still love it!

Icebreaker694 asked:

Question: Have you ever read Webtoons before?

Never. A few friends want me to read Homestuck if that counts?

Brendon asked:

Now that you hit 500 followers, what is your next blogging goal?

Find a regular blogging schedule that ACTUALLY WORKS because I am actually the worst.

Tiana asked:

If you had one Disney character to take with you to space which character would it be and why?

Stitch. He’s always been my favorite and he’s an alien so…

Lair of Books asked:

Which 3 Fictional characters would you invite to a tea party?

Oh, um…

-Hermoine Granger

-Annabeth Chase

-Tessa Grey

We could have a book club!

Books ‘n’ Reviews Oh My asked:

My question is, is there a book you were very excited about reading, but once you did, you ended up not liking it?

Captain America: Sub Rosa. Love the avenger, hated the book.

lesleyricecharalambides asked:

What can I as an author do, to make it easier for bloggers like you to cover my book, run guests posts or whatever you prefer to do?

Read our review policies, so you know how and what we prefer to cover! For example, if you write contemporary, make sure we actually review contemporary.

Personalize your messages to us, it makes as feel like you care when you reach out to us, rather than a name on a list with a generic message.

Sell your book! A lot of bloggers have huge TBR’s, why should we want to read your book?

Build a relationship! Follow up after the post. Keep us in mind in the future. Promote the post on your twitter, etc.

Actually contact us! Most bloggers are thrilled to be connected by authors.