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Miami Book Fair Book Haul

Today I did something very exciting: I went to the Miami International Book Fair!

The book fair is something Miami Dade College hosts every year. For two weeks of November, several streets are blocked off and filled with booths and filled with books. Authors come to speak, books are sold cheaply (or, well, cheaper), and for a book blogger who lives too far and has no money for the greater conventions of BookCon and BEA, its GLORIOUS!

I sadly didn’t get to go to any events, but they were at inconvenient times and I can’t drive myself, my dad did, so…

But, I did get to go to the street fair today with my best friend Ana (who’s starting a book blog!!!), my cousins, my aunt and uncle, my dad, and sister.

Without further ado, I will now haul the books!

Full Price Books:

This is the very first book I bought at the fair. I bought it full priced for $19, the cool thing about the fair was they weren’t charging sales tax, so it was still cheaper than getting it elsewhere, but it was still a good chunk of money. Its worth it though, because look at that signature!


I’ve been dying to read this series for a while, so when I saw the signed book with a cute little ghost, I HAD to get it. I plan on buying the first two with my birthday giftcards. I paid $19 for this one as well, but you know, SIGNED HARDCOVER.



Cheap Books:


I like Grace’s Youtube channel, and this was only a $1, so I figured why not?



I own hardcovers of the first two books of the series, so I figured why not complete it, it was only a dollar.



This one was $3, and I’ve heard good things about it, so when I saw it I grabbed it. I have very little self control at these sorts of things as you can see…



I like medical nonfiction, I like certain types of memoirs. This was $1. I had to get it okay?



I…really have nothing to say to this. I just wanted a nice humor book to distract me from life and it was a $1.



Another $1 book, there was a whole booth. I also bought a $1 book for my friend (not pictured) so I could get a free tote for buying 5 books. This one is more science/medicine nonfiction, it entertains me.


Free Books:


There were three authors signing free books, this was one of them. I’m not even sure about this one, I just know its nonfiction and basically, after getting the other two, I felt too awkward to say no. I’ll still read it though.

This one is adult fiction. Not quite sure about it, but it was free and I got it signed so…it’ll get read at some point.

This was the first free book I got. The author was signing and giving away copies and it looked pretty interesting, so I’m excited for this one!



In the children’s alley of the book fair, they had this thing were if you visit and get a sticker from each booth, you get a free book, and I got a hardcover copy of the Maze Runner. I’ve never read it, so now I think is a good time.






The Dragon and Knight book was the free Children’s alley book my sister got.

True Meaning of Smekday is a book I bought for her since she loves the movie Home so much.


This is a free tote I got for buying 5 $1 books.


A collection of bookmarks I amassed from various booths.


I won this from one of those spin the wheel things at the MyBookBox booth. The necklace matches my Moose branding, which is pretty cool!


And these were some chapter samplers I got.


In all, I spent about $50 and got 14 books (12 for me, 2 for my sister), which is pretty good! You’d get maybe three books for that much at any bookstore.

Honestly, I love the Miami book fair, and if your every in town while its happening, you should go!

I hope you liked this haul!

So tell me, have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Let me know!

7 thoughts on “Miami Book Fair Book Haul”

  1. Great haul, you’re so lucky! I literally just read The Maze Runner yesterday for the first time, it was really good, you’re going to love it. I also haven’t read Zac & Mia, but again I’ve also heard good things about it. Hope you enjoy all your new books!😄


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